Akdem Publishing, which was founded within Akdemistanbul in 2010, is an institution engaged in thematic publishing in the fields of Teaching Arabic and Teaching Turkish to foreigners in Turkey. Akdem Publishing aimed at structuring of Arabic language teaching publishing on a wuality in Turkey brings publications that are first in their field every passing day with its large author staff, editor and design team.

Many course books and supplementary resources used in non-formal education institutions such as Public Training Centers, Continuing Education Centers and Vocational Courses as well as all formal education institutions in private and public from primary schools to universities where Arabic teaching is performed in Turkey, meet with their readers through Akdem Publishing.

Akdem Publishing is authorized to distribute Arabic teaching series of publishing houses in many Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Jordan.

Akdem Publishing with important publicatios on Turkish teaching for guests coming to Turkey from Arab countries, the number of whom has exceed 5 million, comes across readers with new works in this field every day.

Arabic Model Language Training Library for Schools, Arabic Teaching Publications of different publishers from abroad, and active participation in  Arabic Teaching Book Fairs organization are among the prominent studies of our publishing house.

Our works on the shelves of selected bookstores in 81 provinces of Turkey are also offered for sale with the options of paying by credit card and paying at the door with special discounts up to 25% on www.akdempublishing.com.

Our publishing house also has special discount options for schools and education institutions with mass purchase.

Our publishing house is a member of Turkishpress and Publishers Copyright&Licensing Society actively supports the anti-piracy activities of our professional association and contributes to the development of the publishing sector of our country and the development of relations with Arab world.

Our publishing house, which is also a member of the International Association of Arabic Book Publishers and Associations of Press and Publishing, makes a special effort for the representation of Turkish publishing in the international arena.

  • Arabic Speaking Teaching
  • ♦Arabic Reading Teaching
  • ♦Arabic Writing Teaching
  • ♦Arabic Translation Teaching
  • ♦Arabic Grammar Teaching
  • ♦General Arabic Teaching
  • ♦Arabic Education Cards
  • ♦Arabic Training Materials
  • ♦Arabic Teaching Series
  • ♦Arabic Dictionaries
  • ♦Arabic Test Books
  • ♦Teaching Arabic to Children
  • ♦Arabic Teaching Methods
  • ♦Arabic Literature

In recent years, developments in the field of Arabic education in Turkey and the Arab population of five million has significantly increased the interest to Arabic resources. Developed by Akdem Publishing and being the first in its field in Turkey, "Akdem Store" project brings the works of hundreds of Arab publisher to readers. Akdem Store attracted attention by Arabic loving Turks and reader Arab population. There are thousands of Arabic works in 17 categories ranging from politics to literature, history to geography, Arabic and Turkish language education, and from children's books to personal development books in the project where the works of leading publishing houses of the Arab world are offered for sale from countries like Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.
In the project that was initiated to support resource problems of students who ate studying Arabic in Turkey and also to meet the Arabic book needs of Arab population in our country, almost all kinds of works other than classical religious and literary resources are available. Although there are institutions that provide service in Turkey for long years on accessing classical resources, the project continues to increase the number of books in the portfolio which started due to reasons such as absence of Arabic books in modern literature, politics, arts, culture, children's and foreign language teaching, difficulty in accessing Arabic versions of modern period world literature works.
Akdem Store, expected to add a new excitement publishing sector, starts as a project of AkdemIstanbul Language Center hosting the largest Arabic language education center of Turkey. Akdem Store, which will serve as a brand of Akdem Publications which is a pioneer publishing house in the field of Arabic and Turkish Language Teaching, offers online, retail and wholesale orders to its customers.